Ich lasse mich lehren und leeren

Ich lasse mich lehren und leeren indem ich einfach male und nicht male…
Ich fand gerade diesen wunderschönen Artikel übers Malen von Ken Kewley auf der Seite von The Jerusalem Studio School. Hier ein paar Zitate:
“Knowing how to paint may not be good. This is not heart surgery. It is better when things have to be figured out each time. Getting lost is not dangerous in painting.”
“The painting is the result of the process of painting. Do not anticipate this. Forget that you are painting a painting, and even more, that it is a picture.”
“The secret (your methods) to painting needs to be discovered everyday. This is necessary because these secrets only work for a little while. Having painted awhile there is more to unlearn than to learn.”
“I do not know if I could have figured out yesterday what is clear today. What I do today is different than what I would have done yesterday. In this way slowness has a large impact. Slow looking, working quickly, day after day.”
“Many things are invented when one tries to repeat the past and fails through misunderstanding.”
“You must be willing to get rid of anything. Painting is visual poetry.”
“Stop at the thought of stopping.”

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